Thursday, 21 July 2011

Younmin Couple - #2 Mission Accomplished.


I jumped off from my bed that morning. As I walked into the kitchen, I see Key hyung’s preparing for our early breakfast. It’s the same view I see every morning. When the clock strikes at 5 AM, my phone’s alarm would starts screaming. On that time, I would always see Key hyung in the kitchen, Onew hyung usually will still laying on his bed, Jonghyun hyung will be at the computer; replaying all the UFO’s, and Minho hyung either on his bed or he goes out for morning jog. Our manager hyungs?  Both of them are sleeping in the next room. Usually, Jonghyun hyung wakes up the earliest in the dorm, he will wake up Key hyung after he is done with washing up, Key hyung will then wake Onew hyung and me up and lastly, Minho hyung. But since yesterday we ended our schedule quite early, so everyone is trying to have a good sleep.

KEY: Taemin-ah, is everyone still sleeping?
TM: Yes?
KEY: Go and wake them up, breakfast is nearly ready.

I walk slowly into our room. All five of us are sleeping in one bedroom. We used to do that in our previous trainees life so we decided to cramp the room with 5 people. The room looks quite full, as our beds are the only thing fits in the room. From the front, it’s 2 double decker beds with Onew hyung’s single bed in the middle. Key hyung’s bed could be seen at a glance, the pink bedsheet along with the photo decorations and pretty accessories. The bottom bed belongs to Minho hyung who loves sports, where the uniform of his favorite soccer team is hung. The top bed on the right is Jonghyun hyung’s sleeping area and the bottom one is mine.

I climb up on Onew hyung’s bed. Onew hyung’s sleeping habit is he always covers himself in the blanket till the end of his head. I pull his blanket which covers his head and calling out his name softly. He finally opened his eyes after I switch on the bedroom’s light. Onew hyung definitely cannot sleep when there’s light. We eat breakfast together in the morning and take turns on who’s doing the dishes and cleaning the dining table.

KEY: Taemin-ah, go and prepare for your school.
TM: Okaayyy~

I rushed to the closet room, picking up any clothes that I see first. I’m usually only use less than 5 minutes to decide what I’m going to wear that day. While packing my school stuffs suddenly Minho hyung ran to the bedroom excitedly, while Jonghyun hyung chasing him from the back.

MH: TAEMIN-AHH! JONGHYUN HYUNG IS--/ aahhh! *screams*
JH: Got yaaa! Minho-ah, you just shut your mouth. Don’t say anything!!! *landed on Minho’s back*
TM: What? What’s going on?
MH: *scream in pain on bed*
JH: *sits comfortably on Minho’s back* Taemin-ahh, annyeeoongg!! Have a great day on school, hyung will pick you up today *grins*
ON: Jonghyun is hacking your UFO id! *screams from the living room*
TM: Hacking whose id?
JH: *YELL* ONEW HYUNGG!!! I’M GONNA GET YOU LATER!! Taemin-ah, don’t listen to anything! Just GGOOOO!!

I took a few minutes to re-call the hyung’s screams in the car, by then I understood what’s going on. I reach my mobile phone from my bag and starts typing;

TO:  +1002836483029 (Jjongie hyung <3)

Back into the house.

JH: *check message* HAHAHA! Guys! Taemin just send me this message. *show to other members*
KEY: Taemin’s too slow *laugh*
MH: *crack up into a big laugh*
ON: Who is he?  I don’t know him ==”

And all of them had a good laugh that morning.

*UFOTOWN; korean fansite.



I’m late again. I’m sure Mr Seo is taking attendance in front of the cafeteria. I take a glance on the cafĂ©’s front door. Indeed, he’s like a tiger waiting for its breakfast. *Sigh* I decided to just go to the school’s studio instead of getting my name written on Mr Seo’s scary merit demerit thingie. I opened the studio’s door and found out that someone’s already in the studio. I know this guy somewhere.

TM: *look back* Oh! Annyeong haseyo *bow*
YH: *bow* Oh Taemin-sshi! Why are you coming this early?
TM: I just come here a few minutes earlier than you *smile*
YH: Ahh.. *nod2*

The atmosphere changes a little bit colder. We were awkward to each other by the way. I looked at my watch, there’s still 1 hour left till the class begin. How am I suppose to sit here with Taemin-sshi for that 60 minutes all by ourselves?! *stomach growling* ahh. My stomach is suffering from starveness.  

TM: You didn’t eat breakfast just now?

Oh God, he heard that. How embarrassing.

YH: Naahh. I don’t think I want to get myself into trouble with Mr Seo.
TM: *laugh* He’s scary huh?
YH: ….VERY. *laughs*
TM: Hmm…wanna go out for breakfast?
YH: Where?
TM: I know this one place where you can eat everything for free. *smile*
YH: Aren’t we going to be late for dance class?
TM: Even if we’re late, I can assure you a life insurance :P lets go!

I followed him from the back, he really seems very excited when it was actually me who’s starving right now! 10 minutes’ walk from the school and he stopped in a spot. I looked up. E-MART? He smiles and told me to follow his tracks. I followed without any hesitation though, just for the sake of this stomach. We got to eat every sample provided in the store. From Hotdogs to chicken nuggets and bacons, I filled up everything.

TM: Oh! My favourite banana milk got sample too! Here, Younha-sshi! *give the paper cup to younha*
YH: Err, I don’t really enjoy milk..
TM: This milk doesn’t even taste like milk! Just try one!

He looks very determined to make me drink this. I have no confidence in swallowing milk, but in order to be a grateful person, for bringing me here, I did one shot.

YH: Oh? It doesn’t taste that bad!
TM: See? I told you. We have cartons of these in our house.
YH: Ah, you mean in your dorm?
TM: Yup!
YH: *glance at the time* OHH?! TAEMIN-SSHI! Its 8.05 AM already!!
TM: Okay okay. Let’s go back to school. Just one more cup!

He finished sipping the last drop of banana milk, it was his third cups actually ==" We rushed back to school and arrived in front of the dance studio.

TM: Okay. Let me in first. I’ll back up for you.

I let him in first, and follow him from his back. The studio is filled with students already. All of them paid attention to the teacher until---

MS.YEONHEE: Lee Taemin-sshi ? Why are you late? Ah, Kim Younha-sshi too.

Now everyone is staring at us. Some of them whispering to each other. I can hear them well. “why are they coming together?” “Who does she thinks she is? Getting around Taemin?” “She’s dead!”

TM: Ah, I came here early, but then my stomach felt weird. Younha-sshi came here early too, so she escorted me to Mr. Choi for a check up.
MS. YEONHEE: Oh, really? Are you okay now Taemin-sshi?
TM: Yes..
MS. YEONHEE: Okay, come on in.

I joined the others in the back, Taemin followed me behind. Shinyoung who’s like staring at us from the first moment we stepped into the studio, wave her hands to Taemin.

SH: Taemin-ah, I’d already save a space for you here!
TM: Its okay, I’ll be at the back. *Look at Younha* Mission accomplished! *laugh*
YH: Haha. I’m thankful for that.
MS.YEONHEE: Everyone have picked your pairs already right?
TM: *put up his right hand* What about us?
MS.YEONHEE: Ah, you? with Younha, of course. Now, we’re preparing for the School Dance Festival this March, you guys have 2 months to be prepared from now on. I give you guys 15 minutes, with your partners, discuss what kind of routine you guys are doing for the festival.
SH: Are we competing with each other or what?
MS.YEONHEE: Other school will be joining as well. The school will pick only the best 4 pairs from you guys to compete in the festival.

We had discussed, and we agreed on salsa---which have lots of skinships. *Sigh* I am getting a number of anti-fans,  LOTS OF THEM, I can assured that one.

to be continued..

author; kimyounha

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

GeunHee Couple #1 - The One Who Holds My Strength

My mom asked me to go her room that night. I knocked the room first, requesting the permission to enter her room. I heard a 'Yes' respond by the door.

DH: Are you calling me mom?

She looked gorgeous as ever wearing her soft silk pink night gown. I have no idea on how my mother never lose her young looking face. She smiled and told me to sit beside her on the bed. I walked passed my father's big portrait hanging on the wall against her bed. My father was once an actor too. He got into an accident 7 years ago, while I was 8 years old. He died because of it and my mother never re-marry after that. She knew she couldn't find other good man as good as my dad.

Mom: Daehee-ah. Are you sure about this?
DH: Mom, you know I love acting just as you are. Of course I'm sure.
Mom: Its not going to be as beautiful as you think. I don't want my daughter to be regretted for involving your self into this industry.
DH: Mom, do you regret for what you have done as an actress?
Mom: No dear. I wouldn't had met your father if I was not an actress.
DH: Then if you're feeding me with the money you got from acting, then I would want to do the same in the future.
Mom: Sometimes you never speaks like a 15 year old girl, do you realize that young lady?
DH: What can I do? I got it from my mama *sings..

The next day, it was the registration day. My mom was there in the whole process. And it was like a press conference, with lots of cameras around us. My mom was once Korea's queen of acting. I send my mom off to her car and went straight to my room. The room was empty, I'm pretty sure my room mates haven't come yet.  A few minutes after I finished unpack my stuffs, then someone came into the room. Park Hana, She was my first room mates and my first friend in the school. She asked me to join her for dinner out from the school. I agreed. We had a great dinner that night and planned to walk around the school neighborhood.

GS: Daehee? Is it you?

I heard someone calling out my name. I turned around and suddenly I forgot how to breath. It was him.

GS: Right? You're Daehee, am I right?
DH: Geunseuk oppa! What you doing here?
GS: Just taking some fresh air. Hey, are you the new juniors?
DH: Yeah. I'm taking arts class.
GS:'re going to follow your mother's steps huh? Oh, okay then. I need to go right now, my friends are waiting. I'll see you in school right?

He reached his hand out on my head and messing up my hair, then he walks away.

HN: Daehee-ah. You know Jang Geunseuk oppa?! whoa! Daebak-ya!

I responded with a smile. Yes, he is indeed one of my memories. He witnessed the accident occurred upon my dad. He came to the funeral and gave me comfort though he had never met me before. I was truly calmed at the funeral. His words were the strength filling inside of me, came out from no where on that day, when we are absolutely strangers on that time.

I look back and saw his glimpse for the last time that night. I knew we would met again.


author; kimyounha

p/s: This is a very late post. Sorry for that. Will try to update time to time :)


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Joongha Couple #1 - This is me

I wasn’t expected much from the judges when I came here for audition. I knew they won’t even looked at me neither accept me as their student, my first impression was very bad to tell you the truth. I enforced myself to be brave and stood in front of the judges; I took out all my strength and showed them what I’ve got. The reaction was very good and I broke into tears when I received the enrollment intake letter from the school board last month. But people around me keep discouraging me for not to go on with this path. They said the public won’t be happy with my appearance. The world seems to be evil to me. What had I done wrong till I’m punished because of my looks? I don’t really care about it, as long as my mom are happy with me, I would do nothing to change this not like my other friends who had gone through plastic surgery. They want to be beautiful under the works of those painful needles. I don’t need them. I’m grateful for what God has given to me.    

MOM: Hana-ah, have you packed all things?
HN: Oh! Yes, eomma! I’ll get down with my things in a few minutes!

I closed my diary. That diary is everything to me, its like my best friend who had gone through with me all the bad and good times. I put in my diary inside my backpack. Oh! Mr. Figgie cannot be left here. Mr. Figgie, you have to come with me! I stuffed Mr. Figgie, my finger-like bunny into my bag case.

HS: Unnie, are you going to bring along Mr. Figgie with you?

Suddenly my little sister voice echoed into my room.

HN: Hyesu-ah, unnie cannot sleep without him^^

I zipped my bag case. Now, I think I’m ready to face the real place where I will fulfill my dream, DREAM HIGH SCHOOL!


‘PARK HA NA, ARTS II CLASS , STUDENT OF DREAM HIGH SCHOOL’ I read on my new student card. Still cant believe my eyes when they give me this card, it feels unreal. Unsure on what to do first, I decided to unpack my things and put them in my locker. I looked around the spacious room. That bed must be my roommate’s. She must be here earlier than me; her stuffs are all at it place already. I must leave at least a good impression to my roommate. Hope she’ll like me. The door is open and someone come in. I look at her, with my jaw dropped down. She’s gorgeous, with that big clear eyes smiling at me---

DH: Oh?! You came already? Hi! I’m Daehee, Lee Daehee. Want my help?

She smiled brightly, her nice dimples could make anyone possessed by her beauty and---oh, what did she said just now? Help?

HN: No, No! I don’t need your help----I mean, its alright. I can do it by my self. *slightly smile*
DH: Okay. So, what’s your name?
HN: Hana! Park. Ha. Na..imnida*smile*
DH: *smile* Nice meeting you Hana-sshi, you’re freshies here too right?
HN: Yes. Urm, where should I pick up the school uniform?
DH: Oh, the school uniform should be picked up tomorrow, after we’re done with the orientation with the seniors. I’m quite excited for tomorrow, don’t you?
HN: Seniors? Oh. Ye—ahh. Quite interesting, maybe.

Seniors. I don’t actually favor the word seniors. I heard the seniors here seems quite---unfriendly with the new comers. Maybe they think their new rivals coming up, younger and prettier-/ which I think I’m all out. I found myself struggling to sleep, cuz I’m scared.


(SN; Senior)

SN: Alright everyone . We’re going to start our orientation day soon, after our President come. In the mean time, we’ll just start our audition in 5 minutes, this is so random so you *pointing to Dae Hee, from right count number.

DH: Oh, ONE!
HN: Tttt---TWO!

I was trembling since my first step in this court. Why they choose a basketball court, I was wondering about that. Daehee seems very calm, she must have experience in these things. So, after finished counting numbers each of us need to pick out a piece of paper according to your number. We need to act out spontaneously the roles written on the paper. My heart stops beating when I read my role. *GULP*


SN: This audition is made for seniors who may take each or none of you as his or her mentor for your upcoming mentor-mentee activities. Who has no mentor will probably be punished as you have to grant the seniors wish---every single day until you got a mentor.

I really cant do this! How am I going to do this role in this BIG size of mine?! No, no! PARK HANA! You must do this. Ah! Eomma! Eotteohke?!

Time passes really pass. Everyone seems doing their best in playing the roles. I never had to really enjoy my friends performance that my stomach feels really strange.

SN: You! *pointing to Hana* inside the circle please.

My heart thumps like faster than its normal beats. I stand up and make my way to the centre of the court. I look down.

SN: what kind of role you’ve got? a baby? *everyone laugh*
HN: Can I change the role please? I don’t think I could play this role. A supermodel is-/
SN: You are not changing your roles. Are you clear? This is my first time facing such situation where juniors asking me to change their task.
HN: but-/
SN: I think she should be the first one today to get punished, aren’t you guys agree?

The seniors starts chattering among themselves. What have I done? I should just go through this task!

JK: I want you to sing.

Suddenly a voice came out from nowhere. Everyone looks around. Searching for that voice. There's a guy looks very familiar to me, standing behind the seniors.

SN: oh, Joong-ki ah, you came?

JK: You. Sing. Now.

He’s talking to me? Everyone turns their head to my spot. I stuttered.

JK: Show me why you’re entering this school. You must have something to show us.

I was standing like a stone, looking at him. He look at me, slightly smile and turning his back. Making his way out from the court. I had this urge coming out from myself.

HN: *singing 7 years of love*

I closed my eyes while singing the song. Finished with the last verse, I opened my eyes. And he was standing approximately 5 m away from me. He look at me straight from his eyes.

JK: Yeonhee-ah.
SN: Yes?
JK: I will be her mentor. *smile*
SN: What?!

To be continued….

author; kimyounha

Friday, 15 April 2011

2Hyun Couple - #1 The Promise

I looked up at my mirror. I really like my style. Why should I change it? I am born to hate those make ups neither skirts or anything looks too girlish. Oh, I hate PINK. My mom always nags, saying that I looked too boyish till no girls wants me to be their friends. I reached my baseball cap on my bed and heading to the downstairs.

Mom: Hyunjae-ah, where are you going?
HJ: Playing the basketball, do you really need to ask me that mom?
Dad: Aish, mind your language Hyunjae-ah. She’s your mom.
HJ: *sigh* Sorry mom. I’ll be going now, will be back at 8! *struck the door*
Mom: *shouts* Yahh! Come back earlier! Aish, yeobo! Look at your daughter, what should we do to her?!
Dad: *slightly smiles*

I played basketball with my friends around the neighborhood. I really don’t have any female friends, well I do have some but I’m more closer with my male friends more than my female friends. For me, male friends understands me better than those girls. After finished my basketball routine, I went back home---only to found out that I’m busted.

Mom: How could she apply something like this?! I wont let her dropping out from school for this insane arts school!
Dad: I don’t know when did she applied for this school. Lets just throw this letter..
HB: Dad, mom, why are you saying like this? Noona would definitely happy when she knows she passed the Dream High School audition!

DREAM HIGH SCHOOL AUDITION?! I PASSED?! Quickly I opened the front door. I looked at the letter held by my dad.

HJ: Appa, is that true? I passed?
Mom: NO! I wont let you enter this school.
HJ: Mom, listen to me. This school is like everyone’s dream. I went to the audition without talking to you, fine its my fault. But this is my life and I would like to choose my future!
Dad: Hyunjae-ah. Its not that we don’t support you but you cant achieve your dream-/
HJ: My dream? No. Its your dream, dad. *Take the letter on the desk and went upstairs*

I cried upstairs. Then my lil bro come into my room.

HB: Noona, don’t cry please..
HJ: Hyunbin-ah. Noona’s not crying.

Quickly I wiped all the tears. This is my bro’s first time seeing me crying, he must be scared. I hugged my 11 years old bro. He’s one of my bestfriend this whole time. I was really happy when mom gave birth to Hyunbin.  My mom must be regretted for giving birth to a stubborn kid like me. Unlike my bro. He’s the sweetest boy I’ve ever met. He would give me cotton candy on my birthdays, and he did that every year.
The next day I woke up really early, before the sunrise, planned to go to Jeongwoo oppa’s studio. He’d hired me to be one of his group composers, since I wrote nice songs---he said that, not me. Of course I done things behind my parents back.  They would died if I tell them I’d worked part time. Jeongwoo oppa was worried at first, but since my parents doesn’t notice of it a bit, I continued doing the job.

I reached at the studio, greets everyone in the studio which are my sunbaes (seniors) and went straight to Jeongwoo oppa’s office. I knocked on his door and I opened the door.

HJ: Oppa! I came-/
JW: Oh! Hyun! You came?

I stopped. Oh, he got guest. Quickly I said an apology for interrupting and closed the door.

JW: Hyun! Wait!

HJ: *stops* *look at oppa* yes?
JW: Come in, I want to introduce to you, ah. Jonghyun-sshi, this is your song’s composer, Lee Hyunjae.

That guy turn his back and smiles to me, and my heart stops beating. It was him. Kim Jonghyun. My long time no see, Kim Jonghyun.


It was long time ago, when I was 10 years old, and he was 13. He lived around my neighborhood and I knew him since I was born.
HJ: Oppa, is it true, you’re going to Seoul?
JH: Oh, you heard it from your parents?  
HJ: Yes…
JH: Oppa’s going to Seoul, to be a singer.
HJ: Jinjja? Oppa’s going to be a singer?!
JH: You really want that right? So, Oppa’s going to fulfill your wish.
HJ: But, you are not coming back are you?
JH: I will come back, and when that time comes, I want to sing your songs..

He came back for his promise. There’s tears in my eyes, and I smiled. I knew he will be back for me. I just knew it…

**to be continued** 
author; kimyounha

p/s: sorry for the delayy, I was not 'in mood' these few days, hope u guys would understands^^

Monday, 11 April 2011

~L0v3 at th3 1st $!ght~ ::j30nhyuk c0upl3:: heart was thumping hard..i was so nervous when i saw the gate..before entering i can clearly saw a big sign written DREAM HIGH always been my dream to entered that school and now i'm standing infront of the i entered the gate..i can see so many students + some idol i think *sori not into idol* after 5 minutes walking i reached to the president's room (MR. SEO) ~knock 2x~

mr. seo: come in!ah you're the new student rite???the dj???
me: ya it's me
mr. seo: ok good ah come i escort you to the dj room and ah..introduce you to your partner.. me: ah ok *smiling*  ><,

while walking mr. seo tell me everything bout the school..seyesly from rules to room's function *need to remember so many things* finally we reached to the the door written ~DJ ROOM~ mr. seo told me that the room are for the dj to gathered before going live..when mr. seo open the door i can see some students *only 2 students* and an idol ^ sorry i don't know you ^

mr.seo: ok guys this is jeonjoong..lee jeonjoong..the new dj..
the idol: hi..leeteuk
me: hi.. ^ oh so you leeteuk..leader of SUJU..owh ok ^
mr. seo :eeteu-shi,where is eunhyuk???
leeteuk: in the dance usual
mr. seo: oh ok,come i introduce you to your partner..

luckily the dance room juz a step away from the dj room *cox i can't stand hearing mr. seo talking bout the school* from outside i can hear a music..hip hop..then mr. seo open the door...i saw someone dancing awesomely < fyi,i love man who can dance > that time,i can't see his faces *blocking by the hood* mr. seo:eunhyuk-shi come meet your new dj a.k.a partner...when he opened the hood,my heart thumping hard again..i nearly faint..
mr. seo: eunhyuk,jeonjoong..jeonjoong,eunhyuk
eunhyuk:  hi,nice to meet you
me:meee tooo..hehe~ eunhyuk:*laugh+smiling*

gosh..why are you doing that..^ can't breath ^

mr.seo:ok now..eunhyuk,you know what to do..good luck working together..see you next time..eunhyuk and i bow to mr. seo as he step out of the room then we facing each other...that time my heart said *ah,this is what people said love at the first sight*

author; leejeonjoong

Sunday, 10 April 2011

[360 Degree Changes In Life] ~ ^_^ ~

"Daddy this is so unfair!"the voice echoed throughout the house. Amie was very angry. She bites her lower lips. Daddy had really crossed the lines this time, her heart shouted.
"You knew that the day would come baby,"slowly Mr. Yoon said. Trying to persuade his daughter. Nope, Amie's not buying his sweet talk. She stood there, crossing her arm on her chest, still not accepting the bad news her father just brought.
"I'm not buying anything you said as the reasons. I'll stay! You never discussed bout this thing, and most important thing is, you never asked me what I want, what I'm going to feel about this," stubbornness was clear in Amie's voice. Mr. Yoon sighed. Slowly he said "Whatever it is, we're going back to Korea. And when i said we, I mean the whole family. The decision is final!" and he left the living room. Amie was speechless. Suddenly, tears started to fall from her eyes.
Knock! knock!
"Yeah. Come in." Slowly, the door opened. Mrs. Yoon a.k.a Lauren came into the bedroom and sat beside Amie  on the bed. "come on, you knew your daddy too well right?" Lauren asked. "But what about everything i have here? School? And my korean is bad, i mean disaster! How can i ever survive there?" arghh,, lots of things to think and it's making me nuts!
"It's all settled dear. Don't worry.Just enjoy your life there. Okay?" Lauren's sweet voice broke the stubbornness in Amie. At last, she agreed. Goodbye New York, hello Seoul~
"Hey baby girl!" Amie turned around. She was so happy seeing the owner of the deep voice. Amie hugged him tightly, throwing all her misses at him. "Still can't believe you're here, in Seoul, Korea," said Damien. "Where's dad?" Amie sighed. "Meeting," sadness in her voice. "Owh,,, come on,,, you're used to it. Don 't be sad. It's your first day in school," Damien patted her shoulder. Suddenly someone came from behind them.
"Hey Soohyun *Damien's korean name*, said you're going to see your sister," a guy showed up. "Yeah, here, meet my sister, Yoon Ahmi, she just arrived from new York. Baby girl, meet my friend, Kang Minhyuk,"
"Heya, nice to see you. I heard lots bout you. You're getting into Dream High School? Well, that's awesome. It's a great school," Minhyuk said, smiling and his smile was adorable. ~ ^_^ ~

author; yoonahmi

Saturday, 9 April 2011

:: The 1st Time I Saw You ::

I never intend to be a rapper like my father,,
The invitation that i got form Sangchu when I'm 13 years old was my last performance i thought,, till the day i met him..
It was a horrible day for me... I just lost my best friend cuz of his disease..
My parents were filing for divorced...
I ran away from my home...
I took a seat in the korail...
Unexpectedly,, my tears running off my face.. i didn't bother to wipe it.. i just cried..cried..& cried..
Most all the passengers looking at me strangely & buzzing 'bout me... I never care to look at 'em & explain.. I just let 'em be..
Then,, i felt a big-tall shadow in front of me..
I lift my head when i saw him, wearing a snow cap while listening to an i-Pod,, blocking my view from others...
His eyes just glance a little at me before he put his jacket on me....
I couldn't utter any single words
The tears still running off...
By the time we reached Seoul Central Station,, he grabbed my arms & we both moved out from the train...

Without word, he walked away, leaving his jacket with me...
& i never saw him again..
[Not till i get an audition offer to continue my studies at Dream High School..]


I were standing in the bullet-train when I saw her suddenly crying..
With all the buzzing-noise from people inside, I moved towards her involuntarily..
Looking by her appearance,, maybe she’s having a big problem..
Well,, speaking of it,, I still can't figure what is happening to me..
What the heck am I trying to do, grabbed her hand like that?
Am I trying to be her savior??
Huh, lucky she didn’t blurted any single words..
I just walked away cuz I felt to ashamed to meet her face..
I’m not a bad-boy who just simply grabbed any-girls hand..
Ahhh,, what’s this feeling inside me?
Why  am I keep thinking ‘bout it?
Crap,, I forget to take back my jacket...
huhh,, never mind,, it's not like I'm going to see her again....
[Not till i saw her at Dream High School's audition.....]

author; jungaeni

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