Friday, 15 April 2011

2Hyun Couple - #1 The Promise

I looked up at my mirror. I really like my style. Why should I change it? I am born to hate those make ups neither skirts or anything looks too girlish. Oh, I hate PINK. My mom always nags, saying that I looked too boyish till no girls wants me to be their friends. I reached my baseball cap on my bed and heading to the downstairs.

Mom: Hyunjae-ah, where are you going?
HJ: Playing the basketball, do you really need to ask me that mom?
Dad: Aish, mind your language Hyunjae-ah. She’s your mom.
HJ: *sigh* Sorry mom. I’ll be going now, will be back at 8! *struck the door*
Mom: *shouts* Yahh! Come back earlier! Aish, yeobo! Look at your daughter, what should we do to her?!
Dad: *slightly smiles*

I played basketball with my friends around the neighborhood. I really don’t have any female friends, well I do have some but I’m more closer with my male friends more than my female friends. For me, male friends understands me better than those girls. After finished my basketball routine, I went back home---only to found out that I’m busted.

Mom: How could she apply something like this?! I wont let her dropping out from school for this insane arts school!
Dad: I don’t know when did she applied for this school. Lets just throw this letter..
HB: Dad, mom, why are you saying like this? Noona would definitely happy when she knows she passed the Dream High School audition!

DREAM HIGH SCHOOL AUDITION?! I PASSED?! Quickly I opened the front door. I looked at the letter held by my dad.

HJ: Appa, is that true? I passed?
Mom: NO! I wont let you enter this school.
HJ: Mom, listen to me. This school is like everyone’s dream. I went to the audition without talking to you, fine its my fault. But this is my life and I would like to choose my future!
Dad: Hyunjae-ah. Its not that we don’t support you but you cant achieve your dream-/
HJ: My dream? No. Its your dream, dad. *Take the letter on the desk and went upstairs*

I cried upstairs. Then my lil bro come into my room.

HB: Noona, don’t cry please..
HJ: Hyunbin-ah. Noona’s not crying.

Quickly I wiped all the tears. This is my bro’s first time seeing me crying, he must be scared. I hugged my 11 years old bro. He’s one of my bestfriend this whole time. I was really happy when mom gave birth to Hyunbin.  My mom must be regretted for giving birth to a stubborn kid like me. Unlike my bro. He’s the sweetest boy I’ve ever met. He would give me cotton candy on my birthdays, and he did that every year.
The next day I woke up really early, before the sunrise, planned to go to Jeongwoo oppa’s studio. He’d hired me to be one of his group composers, since I wrote nice songs---he said that, not me. Of course I done things behind my parents back.  They would died if I tell them I’d worked part time. Jeongwoo oppa was worried at first, but since my parents doesn’t notice of it a bit, I continued doing the job.

I reached at the studio, greets everyone in the studio which are my sunbaes (seniors) and went straight to Jeongwoo oppa’s office. I knocked on his door and I opened the door.

HJ: Oppa! I came-/
JW: Oh! Hyun! You came?

I stopped. Oh, he got guest. Quickly I said an apology for interrupting and closed the door.

JW: Hyun! Wait!

HJ: *stops* *look at oppa* yes?
JW: Come in, I want to introduce to you, ah. Jonghyun-sshi, this is your song’s composer, Lee Hyunjae.

That guy turn his back and smiles to me, and my heart stops beating. It was him. Kim Jonghyun. My long time no see, Kim Jonghyun.


It was long time ago, when I was 10 years old, and he was 13. He lived around my neighborhood and I knew him since I was born.
HJ: Oppa, is it true, you’re going to Seoul?
JH: Oh, you heard it from your parents?  
HJ: Yes…
JH: Oppa’s going to Seoul, to be a singer.
HJ: Jinjja? Oppa’s going to be a singer?!
JH: You really want that right? So, Oppa’s going to fulfill your wish.
HJ: But, you are not coming back are you?
JH: I will come back, and when that time comes, I want to sing your songs..

He came back for his promise. There’s tears in my eyes, and I smiled. I knew he will be back for me. I just knew it…

**to be continued** 
author; kimyounha

p/s: sorry for the delayy, I was not 'in mood' these few days, hope u guys would understands^^


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