Sunday, 10 April 2011

[360 Degree Changes In Life] ~ ^_^ ~

"Daddy this is so unfair!"the voice echoed throughout the house. Amie was very angry. She bites her lower lips. Daddy had really crossed the lines this time, her heart shouted.
"You knew that the day would come baby,"slowly Mr. Yoon said. Trying to persuade his daughter. Nope, Amie's not buying his sweet talk. She stood there, crossing her arm on her chest, still not accepting the bad news her father just brought.
"I'm not buying anything you said as the reasons. I'll stay! You never discussed bout this thing, and most important thing is, you never asked me what I want, what I'm going to feel about this," stubbornness was clear in Amie's voice. Mr. Yoon sighed. Slowly he said "Whatever it is, we're going back to Korea. And when i said we, I mean the whole family. The decision is final!" and he left the living room. Amie was speechless. Suddenly, tears started to fall from her eyes.
Knock! knock!
"Yeah. Come in." Slowly, the door opened. Mrs. Yoon a.k.a Lauren came into the bedroom and sat beside Amie  on the bed. "come on, you knew your daddy too well right?" Lauren asked. "But what about everything i have here? School? And my korean is bad, i mean disaster! How can i ever survive there?" arghh,, lots of things to think and it's making me nuts!
"It's all settled dear. Don't worry.Just enjoy your life there. Okay?" Lauren's sweet voice broke the stubbornness in Amie. At last, she agreed. Goodbye New York, hello Seoul~
"Hey baby girl!" Amie turned around. She was so happy seeing the owner of the deep voice. Amie hugged him tightly, throwing all her misses at him. "Still can't believe you're here, in Seoul, Korea," said Damien. "Where's dad?" Amie sighed. "Meeting," sadness in her voice. "Owh,,, come on,,, you're used to it. Don 't be sad. It's your first day in school," Damien patted her shoulder. Suddenly someone came from behind them.
"Hey Soohyun *Damien's korean name*, said you're going to see your sister," a guy showed up. "Yeah, here, meet my sister, Yoon Ahmi, she just arrived from new York. Baby girl, meet my friend, Kang Minhyuk,"
"Heya, nice to see you. I heard lots bout you. You're getting into Dream High School? Well, that's awesome. It's a great school," Minhyuk said, smiling and his smile was adorable. ~ ^_^ ~

author; yoonahmi


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