Saturday, 9 April 2011

:: The 1st Time I Saw You ::

I never intend to be a rapper like my father,,
The invitation that i got form Sangchu when I'm 13 years old was my last performance i thought,, till the day i met him..
It was a horrible day for me... I just lost my best friend cuz of his disease..
My parents were filing for divorced...
I ran away from my home...
I took a seat in the korail...
Unexpectedly,, my tears running off my face.. i didn't bother to wipe it.. i just cried..cried..& cried..
Most all the passengers looking at me strangely & buzzing 'bout me... I never care to look at 'em & explain.. I just let 'em be..
Then,, i felt a big-tall shadow in front of me..
I lift my head when i saw him, wearing a snow cap while listening to an i-Pod,, blocking my view from others...
His eyes just glance a little at me before he put his jacket on me....
I couldn't utter any single words
The tears still running off...
By the time we reached Seoul Central Station,, he grabbed my arms & we both moved out from the train...

Without word, he walked away, leaving his jacket with me...
& i never saw him again..
[Not till i get an audition offer to continue my studies at Dream High School..]


I were standing in the bullet-train when I saw her suddenly crying..
With all the buzzing-noise from people inside, I moved towards her involuntarily..
Looking by her appearance,, maybe she’s having a big problem..
Well,, speaking of it,, I still can't figure what is happening to me..
What the heck am I trying to do, grabbed her hand like that?
Am I trying to be her savior??
Huh, lucky she didn’t blurted any single words..
I just walked away cuz I felt to ashamed to meet her face..
I’m not a bad-boy who just simply grabbed any-girls hand..
Ahhh,, what’s this feeling inside me?
Why  am I keep thinking ‘bout it?
Crap,, I forget to take back my jacket...
huhh,, never mind,, it's not like I'm going to see her again....
[Not till i saw her at Dream High School's audition.....]

author; jungaeni


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