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Younmin Couple - #2 Mission Accomplished.


I jumped off from my bed that morning. As I walked into the kitchen, I see Key hyung’s preparing for our early breakfast. It’s the same view I see every morning. When the clock strikes at 5 AM, my phone’s alarm would starts screaming. On that time, I would always see Key hyung in the kitchen, Onew hyung usually will still laying on his bed, Jonghyun hyung will be at the computer; replaying all the UFO’s, and Minho hyung either on his bed or he goes out for morning jog. Our manager hyungs?  Both of them are sleeping in the next room. Usually, Jonghyun hyung wakes up the earliest in the dorm, he will wake up Key hyung after he is done with washing up, Key hyung will then wake Onew hyung and me up and lastly, Minho hyung. But since yesterday we ended our schedule quite early, so everyone is trying to have a good sleep.

KEY: Taemin-ah, is everyone still sleeping?
TM: Yes?
KEY: Go and wake them up, breakfast is nearly ready.

I walk slowly into our room. All five of us are sleeping in one bedroom. We used to do that in our previous trainees life so we decided to cramp the room with 5 people. The room looks quite full, as our beds are the only thing fits in the room. From the front, it’s 2 double decker beds with Onew hyung’s single bed in the middle. Key hyung’s bed could be seen at a glance, the pink bedsheet along with the photo decorations and pretty accessories. The bottom bed belongs to Minho hyung who loves sports, where the uniform of his favorite soccer team is hung. The top bed on the right is Jonghyun hyung’s sleeping area and the bottom one is mine.

I climb up on Onew hyung’s bed. Onew hyung’s sleeping habit is he always covers himself in the blanket till the end of his head. I pull his blanket which covers his head and calling out his name softly. He finally opened his eyes after I switch on the bedroom’s light. Onew hyung definitely cannot sleep when there’s light. We eat breakfast together in the morning and take turns on who’s doing the dishes and cleaning the dining table.

KEY: Taemin-ah, go and prepare for your school.
TM: Okaayyy~

I rushed to the closet room, picking up any clothes that I see first. I’m usually only use less than 5 minutes to decide what I’m going to wear that day. While packing my school stuffs suddenly Minho hyung ran to the bedroom excitedly, while Jonghyun hyung chasing him from the back.

MH: TAEMIN-AHH! JONGHYUN HYUNG IS--/ aahhh! *screams*
JH: Got yaaa! Minho-ah, you just shut your mouth. Don’t say anything!!! *landed on Minho’s back*
TM: What? What’s going on?
MH: *scream in pain on bed*
JH: *sits comfortably on Minho’s back* Taemin-ahh, annyeeoongg!! Have a great day on school, hyung will pick you up today *grins*
ON: Jonghyun is hacking your UFO id! *screams from the living room*
TM: Hacking whose id?
JH: *YELL* ONEW HYUNGG!!! I’M GONNA GET YOU LATER!! Taemin-ah, don’t listen to anything! Just GGOOOO!!

I took a few minutes to re-call the hyung’s screams in the car, by then I understood what’s going on. I reach my mobile phone from my bag and starts typing;

TO:  +1002836483029 (Jjongie hyung <3)

Back into the house.

JH: *check message* HAHAHA! Guys! Taemin just send me this message. *show to other members*
KEY: Taemin’s too slow *laugh*
MH: *crack up into a big laugh*
ON: Who is he?  I don’t know him ==”

And all of them had a good laugh that morning.

*UFOTOWN; korean fansite.



I’m late again. I’m sure Mr Seo is taking attendance in front of the cafeteria. I take a glance on the café’s front door. Indeed, he’s like a tiger waiting for its breakfast. *Sigh* I decided to just go to the school’s studio instead of getting my name written on Mr Seo’s scary merit demerit thingie. I opened the studio’s door and found out that someone’s already in the studio. I know this guy somewhere.

TM: *look back* Oh! Annyeong haseyo *bow*
YH: *bow* Oh Taemin-sshi! Why are you coming this early?
TM: I just come here a few minutes earlier than you *smile*
YH: Ahh.. *nod2*

The atmosphere changes a little bit colder. We were awkward to each other by the way. I looked at my watch, there’s still 1 hour left till the class begin. How am I suppose to sit here with Taemin-sshi for that 60 minutes all by ourselves?! *stomach growling* ahh. My stomach is suffering from starveness.  

TM: You didn’t eat breakfast just now?

Oh God, he heard that. How embarrassing.

YH: Naahh. I don’t think I want to get myself into trouble with Mr Seo.
TM: *laugh* He’s scary huh?
YH: ….VERY. *laughs*
TM: Hmm…wanna go out for breakfast?
YH: Where?
TM: I know this one place where you can eat everything for free. *smile*
YH: Aren’t we going to be late for dance class?
TM: Even if we’re late, I can assure you a life insurance :P lets go!

I followed him from the back, he really seems very excited when it was actually me who’s starving right now! 10 minutes’ walk from the school and he stopped in a spot. I looked up. E-MART? He smiles and told me to follow his tracks. I followed without any hesitation though, just for the sake of this stomach. We got to eat every sample provided in the store. From Hotdogs to chicken nuggets and bacons, I filled up everything.

TM: Oh! My favourite banana milk got sample too! Here, Younha-sshi! *give the paper cup to younha*
YH: Err, I don’t really enjoy milk..
TM: This milk doesn’t even taste like milk! Just try one!

He looks very determined to make me drink this. I have no confidence in swallowing milk, but in order to be a grateful person, for bringing me here, I did one shot.

YH: Oh? It doesn’t taste that bad!
TM: See? I told you. We have cartons of these in our house.
YH: Ah, you mean in your dorm?
TM: Yup!
YH: *glance at the time* OHH?! TAEMIN-SSHI! Its 8.05 AM already!!
TM: Okay okay. Let’s go back to school. Just one more cup!

He finished sipping the last drop of banana milk, it was his third cups actually ==" We rushed back to school and arrived in front of the dance studio.

TM: Okay. Let me in first. I’ll back up for you.

I let him in first, and follow him from his back. The studio is filled with students already. All of them paid attention to the teacher until---

MS.YEONHEE: Lee Taemin-sshi ? Why are you late? Ah, Kim Younha-sshi too.

Now everyone is staring at us. Some of them whispering to each other. I can hear them well. “why are they coming together?” “Who does she thinks she is? Getting around Taemin?” “She’s dead!”

TM: Ah, I came here early, but then my stomach felt weird. Younha-sshi came here early too, so she escorted me to Mr. Choi for a check up.
MS. YEONHEE: Oh, really? Are you okay now Taemin-sshi?
TM: Yes..
MS. YEONHEE: Okay, come on in.

I joined the others in the back, Taemin followed me behind. Shinyoung who’s like staring at us from the first moment we stepped into the studio, wave her hands to Taemin.

SH: Taemin-ah, I’d already save a space for you here!
TM: Its okay, I’ll be at the back. *Look at Younha* Mission accomplished! *laugh*
YH: Haha. I’m thankful for that.
MS.YEONHEE: Everyone have picked your pairs already right?
TM: *put up his right hand* What about us?
MS.YEONHEE: Ah, you? with Younha, of course. Now, we’re preparing for the School Dance Festival this March, you guys have 2 months to be prepared from now on. I give you guys 15 minutes, with your partners, discuss what kind of routine you guys are doing for the festival.
SH: Are we competing with each other or what?
MS.YEONHEE: Other school will be joining as well. The school will pick only the best 4 pairs from you guys to compete in the festival.

We had discussed, and we agreed on salsa---which have lots of skinships. *Sigh* I am getting a number of anti-fans,  LOTS OF THEM, I can assured that one.

to be continued..

author; kimyounha


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