Tuesday, 12 July 2011

GeunHee Couple #1 - The One Who Holds My Strength

My mom asked me to go her room that night. I knocked the room first, requesting the permission to enter her room. I heard a 'Yes' respond by the door.

DH: Are you calling me mom?

She looked gorgeous as ever wearing her soft silk pink night gown. I have no idea on how my mother never lose her young looking face. She smiled and told me to sit beside her on the bed. I walked passed my father's big portrait hanging on the wall against her bed. My father was once an actor too. He got into an accident 7 years ago, while I was 8 years old. He died because of it and my mother never re-marry after that. She knew she couldn't find other good man as good as my dad.

Mom: Daehee-ah. Are you sure about this?
DH: Mom, you know I love acting just as you are. Of course I'm sure.
Mom: Its not going to be as beautiful as you think. I don't want my daughter to be regretted for involving your self into this industry.
DH: Mom, do you regret for what you have done as an actress?
Mom: No dear. I wouldn't had met your father if I was not an actress.
DH: Then if you're feeding me with the money you got from acting, then I would want to do the same in the future.
Mom: Sometimes you never speaks like a 15 year old girl, do you realize that young lady?
DH: What can I do? I got it from my mama *sings..

The next day, it was the registration day. My mom was there in the whole process. And it was like a press conference, with lots of cameras around us. My mom was once Korea's queen of acting. I send my mom off to her car and went straight to my room. The room was empty, I'm pretty sure my room mates haven't come yet.  A few minutes after I finished unpack my stuffs, then someone came into the room. Park Hana, She was my first room mates and my first friend in the school. She asked me to join her for dinner out from the school. I agreed. We had a great dinner that night and planned to walk around the school neighborhood.

GS: Daehee? Is it you?

I heard someone calling out my name. I turned around and suddenly I forgot how to breath. It was him.

GS: Right? You're Daehee, am I right?
DH: Geunseuk oppa! What you doing here?
GS: Just taking some fresh air. Hey, are you the new juniors?
DH: Yeah. I'm taking arts class.
GS: Whoa..you're going to follow your mother's steps huh? Oh, okay then. I need to go right now, my friends are waiting. I'll see you in school right?

He reached his hand out on my head and messing up my hair, then he walks away.

HN: Daehee-ah. You know Jang Geunseuk oppa?! whoa! Daebak-ya!

I responded with a smile. Yes, he is indeed one of my memories. He witnessed the accident occurred upon my dad. He came to the funeral and gave me comfort though he had never met me before. I was truly calmed at the funeral. His words were the strength filling inside of me, came out from no where on that day, when we are absolutely strangers on that time.

I look back and saw his glimpse for the last time that night. I knew we would met again.


author; kimyounha

p/s: This is a very late post. Sorry for that. Will try to update time to time :)



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