Monday, 11 April 2011

~L0v3 at th3 1st $!ght~ ::j30nhyuk c0upl3:: heart was thumping hard..i was so nervous when i saw the gate..before entering i can clearly saw a big sign written DREAM HIGH always been my dream to entered that school and now i'm standing infront of the i entered the gate..i can see so many students + some idol i think *sori not into idol* after 5 minutes walking i reached to the president's room (MR. SEO) ~knock 2x~

mr. seo: come in!ah you're the new student rite???the dj???
me: ya it's me
mr. seo: ok good ah come i escort you to the dj room and ah..introduce you to your partner.. me: ah ok *smiling*  ><,

while walking mr. seo tell me everything bout the school..seyesly from rules to room's function *need to remember so many things* finally we reached to the the door written ~DJ ROOM~ mr. seo told me that the room are for the dj to gathered before going live..when mr. seo open the door i can see some students *only 2 students* and an idol ^ sorry i don't know you ^

mr.seo: ok guys this is jeonjoong..lee jeonjoong..the new dj..
the idol: hi..leeteuk
me: hi.. ^ oh so you leeteuk..leader of SUJU..owh ok ^
mr. seo :eeteu-shi,where is eunhyuk???
leeteuk: in the dance usual
mr. seo: oh ok,come i introduce you to your partner..

luckily the dance room juz a step away from the dj room *cox i can't stand hearing mr. seo talking bout the school* from outside i can hear a music..hip hop..then mr. seo open the door...i saw someone dancing awesomely < fyi,i love man who can dance > that time,i can't see his faces *blocking by the hood* mr. seo:eunhyuk-shi come meet your new dj a.k.a partner...when he opened the hood,my heart thumping hard again..i nearly faint..
mr. seo: eunhyuk,jeonjoong..jeonjoong,eunhyuk
eunhyuk:  hi,nice to meet you
me:meee tooo..hehe~ eunhyuk:*laugh+smiling*

gosh..why are you doing that..^ can't breath ^

mr.seo:ok now..eunhyuk,you know what to do..good luck working together..see you next time..eunhyuk and i bow to mr. seo as he step out of the room then we facing each other...that time my heart said *ah,this is what people said love at the first sight*

author; leejeonjoong


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