Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Joongha Couple #1 - This is me

I wasn’t expected much from the judges when I came here for audition. I knew they won’t even looked at me neither accept me as their student, my first impression was very bad to tell you the truth. I enforced myself to be brave and stood in front of the judges; I took out all my strength and showed them what I’ve got. The reaction was very good and I broke into tears when I received the enrollment intake letter from the school board last month. But people around me keep discouraging me for not to go on with this path. They said the public won’t be happy with my appearance. The world seems to be evil to me. What had I done wrong till I’m punished because of my looks? I don’t really care about it, as long as my mom are happy with me, I would do nothing to change this not like my other friends who had gone through plastic surgery. They want to be beautiful under the works of those painful needles. I don’t need them. I’m grateful for what God has given to me.    

MOM: Hana-ah, have you packed all things?
HN: Oh! Yes, eomma! I’ll get down with my things in a few minutes!

I closed my diary. That diary is everything to me, its like my best friend who had gone through with me all the bad and good times. I put in my diary inside my backpack. Oh! Mr. Figgie cannot be left here. Mr. Figgie, you have to come with me! I stuffed Mr. Figgie, my finger-like bunny into my bag case.

HS: Unnie, are you going to bring along Mr. Figgie with you?

Suddenly my little sister voice echoed into my room.

HN: Hyesu-ah, unnie cannot sleep without him^^

I zipped my bag case. Now, I think I’m ready to face the real place where I will fulfill my dream, DREAM HIGH SCHOOL!


‘PARK HA NA, ARTS II CLASS , STUDENT OF DREAM HIGH SCHOOL’ I read on my new student card. Still cant believe my eyes when they give me this card, it feels unreal. Unsure on what to do first, I decided to unpack my things and put them in my locker. I looked around the spacious room. That bed must be my roommate’s. She must be here earlier than me; her stuffs are all at it place already. I must leave at least a good impression to my roommate. Hope she’ll like me. The door is open and someone come in. I look at her, with my jaw dropped down. She’s gorgeous, with that big clear eyes smiling at me---

DH: Oh?! You came already? Hi! I’m Daehee, Lee Daehee. Want my help?

She smiled brightly, her nice dimples could make anyone possessed by her beauty and---oh, what did she said just now? Help?

HN: No, No! I don’t need your help----I mean, its alright. I can do it by my self. *slightly smile*
DH: Okay. So, what’s your name?
HN: Hana! Park. Ha. Na..imnida*smile*
DH: *smile* Nice meeting you Hana-sshi, you’re freshies here too right?
HN: Yes. Urm, where should I pick up the school uniform?
DH: Oh, the school uniform should be picked up tomorrow, after we’re done with the orientation with the seniors. I’m quite excited for tomorrow, don’t you?
HN: Seniors? Oh. Ye—ahh. Quite interesting, maybe.

Seniors. I don’t actually favor the word seniors. I heard the seniors here seems quite---unfriendly with the new comers. Maybe they think their new rivals coming up, younger and prettier-/ which I think I’m all out. I found myself struggling to sleep, cuz I’m scared.


(SN; Senior)

SN: Alright everyone . We’re going to start our orientation day soon, after our President come. In the mean time, we’ll just start our audition in 5 minutes, this is so random so you *pointing to Dae Hee, from right count number.

DH: Oh, ONE!
HN: Tttt---TWO!

I was trembling since my first step in this court. Why they choose a basketball court, I was wondering about that. Daehee seems very calm, she must have experience in these things. So, after finished counting numbers each of us need to pick out a piece of paper according to your number. We need to act out spontaneously the roles written on the paper. My heart stops beating when I read my role. *GULP*


SN: This audition is made for seniors who may take each or none of you as his or her mentor for your upcoming mentor-mentee activities. Who has no mentor will probably be punished as you have to grant the seniors wish---every single day until you got a mentor.

I really cant do this! How am I going to do this role in this BIG size of mine?! No, no! PARK HANA! You must do this. Ah! Eomma! Eotteohke?!

Time passes really pass. Everyone seems doing their best in playing the roles. I never had to really enjoy my friends performance that my stomach feels really strange.

SN: You! *pointing to Hana* inside the circle please.

My heart thumps like faster than its normal beats. I stand up and make my way to the centre of the court. I look down.

SN: what kind of role you’ve got? a baby? *everyone laugh*
HN: Can I change the role please? I don’t think I could play this role. A supermodel is-/
SN: You are not changing your roles. Are you clear? This is my first time facing such situation where juniors asking me to change their task.
HN: but-/
SN: I think she should be the first one today to get punished, aren’t you guys agree?

The seniors starts chattering among themselves. What have I done? I should just go through this task!

JK: I want you to sing.

Suddenly a voice came out from nowhere. Everyone looks around. Searching for that voice. There's a guy looks very familiar to me, standing behind the seniors.

SN: oh, Joong-ki ah, you came?

JK: You. Sing. Now.

He’s talking to me? Everyone turns their head to my spot. I stuttered.

JK: Show me why you’re entering this school. You must have something to show us.

I was standing like a stone, looking at him. He look at me, slightly smile and turning his back. Making his way out from the court. I had this urge coming out from myself.

HN: *singing 7 years of love*

I closed my eyes while singing the song. Finished with the last verse, I opened my eyes. And he was standing approximately 5 m away from me. He look at me straight from his eyes.

JK: Yeonhee-ah.
SN: Yes?
JK: I will be her mentor. *smile*
SN: What?!

To be continued….

author; kimyounha


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